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Mariana Lennert is a Women's Empowerment Mentor and Master Facilitator within the Personal Development Industry.

For over a decade, Marinara has facilitated over 10,000 people through transformational events, retreats and experiences, has spoken in front of 4000+ people on live and virtual stages, and has scaled her businesses to multiple 6 figures.

Typically, Mariana supports ambitious, self led women who are feeling disconnected and stuck in the cycle of overgiving and overdoing. Mariana helps empower women to unleash their feminine magnetism and reach the next level in all areas of life.


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Mariana's retreats are legendary for a reason. Imagine becoming a better mother, leader, and wife by embracing your feminine essence, feeling safe in your body, and expanding your capacity to love and take charge of your life. Let go of guilt, shame, fear, and trauma and step into your radiant, powerful feminine self.

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Sit down with Mariana in a nurturing space for business coaching. She listens to your ideas and feelings, helping you explore inner strengths and break free from limiting beliefs. Discover new perspectives to achieve your goals.

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Mariana has facilitated over 10,000 people through transformational events, retreats and experiences, has spoken in front of 4000+ people on live and virtual stages. 

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About  Mariana

Mariana left her law career in Brazil to explore a deeper calling and her curiosity. On her own healing and self-development journey, she learned multiple practices and techniques.

Mariana is a master facilitator and coach, an expert in NLP, hypnosis, Timeline Therapy, Access Bars, Reiki, Sound Healing, and Quantum coaching, as well as Spiritual coaching and many more. With her passion for self-development, she has impacted thousands of lives for nearly a decade, leading transformational retreats and speaking on global stages.

Beyond all her titles, she is a mother, a woman, a healer, and a truth seeker on a path to self-mastery, my mission is to empower women globally to reclaim their inner strength, love themselves, confidently express their voices, and live authentically. I aim to foster trust and healing in sisterhood, helping women break generational limitations and become inspiring role models.

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"Mariana helped me to embrace my feminine in business and showed me how to operate my spiritual-based business from a more energetically balanced space. And wow wow WOW - what a difference that made! After only two sessions with Mariana, I felt more aligned than I had felt in a long time. She helped me to bring my unique form of medicine into the world with an authenticity and integrity that has me feeling like me. Every time I work with Mariana I feel heard, I feel seen, and I definitely feel validated. She holds me accountable, makes me think, and always brings me into my heart space. I am so looking forward to continuing to work with her.‚Ä̬†

Lulu Fletcher

‚ÄúMariana has walked with me with care and guidance. I met Mariana almost a year ago at a cacao ceremony, where I signed up for a women's retreat (which was amazing) and then I decided to complete one-on-one coaching. She has helped me feel empowered, understood, and accepted by myself. I finally feel like I am on the right path to knowing who I am. I have so much more confidence that I can rely on myself to create my own happiness and I can't thank her enough for this.‚Ä̬†


"I am so grateful to have been lucky enough to be supported by Mariana over the past 3 months! I was at a really low point when I first called her and was very lost and indecisive! After being supported and guided by Mariana, I feel like a new person! I feel more confident, connected to myself and my loved ones, and definitely have confidence in my decisions! I cannot thank Mariana enough for her guidance in helping me get to this point and I highly recommend her! I can't wait to do her 12-week business program too!"

Louise Anne

"I want to dedicate this post to the amazing Mariana Lennert! I have just finished an 8-week coaching program with her and it has really helped me turn my life around. At the beginning of the program I felt really stuck in a situation and within myself, but thanks to her guidance, I was able to work through it and I now feel really free to create a life I love. It seems normal to hire a coach at the gym but why not hire one for life because this is where real transformations can begin.

Also going to Mariana‚Äôs women's retreat was a real turning point for me too. I learned so much and made some beautiful new connections. If you are feeling stuck or are wanting to create something for yourself, reach out to the amazing Mariana Lennert as she may be able to support you to create a life you love.‚ÄĚ